Printing History Comes Alive - Free Ticket - 2:00 PM

Printing History Comes Alive - Free Ticket - 2:00 PM

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The printing press itself is inanimate until someone locks up a chase full of type. Then, words and illustrations come alive. Newspapers grew from the printing press. Titans of the press had the power to topple presidents and prime ministers, spread truth as well as lies and bring news from the far reaches of the world. Before blogs or the Internet, there were editorials.

Come and visit HIW Museum on October 17, and experience printing first-hand and print your own memento from the visit – Where History Comes Alive!

It’s a FREE event for all ages, but pre-registration is required and only limited number of tickets are available. Children are welcome and count as visitors in your group.

Covid-19 policy: Please bring your own mask as wearing mask is mandatory, and safe physical-distancing must be observed. Temperature check and sanitizer is provided upon entry. If you are not well, please let us know and we will accommodate your visit at another date when you have recovered and no longer has symptoms. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation - for the greater good.


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